08 June 2012

The communication 2.0

Find me a TV palimpsest that hasn't a space dedicated to the kitchen. Find me a classification of italian books that hasn't a text of recipes on the podium. Find me a newspaper or a website that hasn't a fixed address book about "where-why-when at the restaurant."
The  foodies nation is growing exponentially and the media attention to the gastronomy has never been so high. And the wine? Often collects the crumbs that fall from the table of the celebrity Kitchen. Is it all blame of the stepsister gastronomy? Not really. Let's say it. Cooking is cool!
It's (almost) always good to see prepare food on TV, the chefs are the idols of the moment and if you have a website of video of recipes, it's likely that you are a rich man. In short, the food is photo-telegenic, but not the wine. "What I am reading - you are thinking - a De profundis on the wine communication at the time of the Web 2.0?" Not really. It is more a plea for help addressed to the wine lovers, to search together solutions. Let's start from the status quo. What does the current web landscape on wine offer? Excluding the web sites showcase of companies, we have a myriad of thematic blogs, forums and fan pages on Facebook.
The creators are often connoisseurs of wine using the web to share enoiche experiences: I cite a wine, few lines on the company's history, a bit of comments on the recognized producer in the cellar, explanation more or less technical of the wine through a list of descriptors seemingly endless. Judging a wine is such as approaching to the art of the twentieth century: at the end you feel a little bit what you want, or what your taste-olfactory memory recalls to your mind.
Interesting? Pretty, but not really a great success of audience, if we think that the most popular blog topic not exceed 3000 readers a day. You can aim higher? And if so, how? What are the contents that are missing on the Net about wine? Let's try to jot down a list: 

- More competence from the part of who write. The insiders are still furthest from the web world. It is not easy find topics of winemakers and agronomists that, in simple terms, explain the impact of their practices on the final product. A presence more assiduous would be desirable. 

- Shown: photos and especially video can explain better than many word. Not only for tell, but for show how differences of altitude, geology, climate - among other things - may influence the success or not of a wine. 

- Decontextualise: bring the wine out of his shell vineyard-winery. Make it live in the life of every day, of the stories of those who produce it and of those who drink it, it crosses with the everyday moments, without waiting for the big bottle, as well as it does not expect absolute happiness.