21 October 2013

Who is the oenologist and which figure represents nowadays?

In the September issue of the Magazine VQ vite, vino & qualità has been published the interview of Elena Consonni to Federico Giotto.

29 January 2013

Probably the word “natural” it’s not the most appropriate for define a wine, also because all the wines, after all, can be defined “natural”. But at the same time no one is really completely natural because the vine is, since always, a human-made plant, consider for example the use of the rootstocks.

08 June 2012

Find me a TV palimpsest that hasn't a space dedicated to the kitchen. Find me a classification of italian books that hasn't a text of recipes on the podium. Find me a newspaper or a website that hasn't a fixed address book about "where-why-when at the restaurant."
The  foodies nation is growing exponentially and the media attention to the gastronomy has never been so high. And the wine? Often collects the crumbs that fall from the table of the celebrity Kitchen. Is it all blame of the stepsister gastronomy? Not really. Let's say it. Cooking is cool!
It's (almost) always good to see prepare food on TV, the chefs are the idols of the moment and if you have a website of video of recipes, it's likely that you are a rich man. In short, the food is photo-telegenic, but not the wine.

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