agronomical consulting


The total surface of hectare of vineyard to which is provided the consulting by GiottoConsulting is of about 5000 hectars worldwide. Companies with only few hectares up to more then 3000 hectares of vineyard. 


Technical consulting for the implantation of new vineyard. 

Consulting in the management of the production costs and business organization. 

Consulting in the management of the vineyard during the year on the base of the business goals: soil and foliage management, production management, pests and diseases control. 

Consulting during the harvest phase: ripening progress control and management of the harvest process.
Consulting in the choice of machineries and technologies for the vineyard and planning of the investments.
Training of the personnel in the vineyard. 


Our department of Research & Development contributed to the experimentation of new production techniques at the forefront of the agronomical field. We collaborate also with companies and research institutes in this field.