Bio Federico Giotto

Federico Giotto born on the 3th October 1977 in Conegliano Veneto, in the heart of the Treviso hills. Innate passion for the vineyard and for the wine handed down from the grandfather. 

An instructional path started with the oenologist diploma at the Cerletti School of Viticulture and Enology of Conegliano Veneto, continuing with a degree in enology awarded with honors from the University of Padua, discussing a thesis entitled "The Micro-oxygenation of red wines."
While still a student are crucial the meeting with his friend Roberto Ferrarini, an internationally renowned researcher and university lecturer, who stimulates him to the research, and collaborations undertaken with some major Italian companies such as Corte Sant'Alda and Le Vigne di San Pietro, which still continue today. 

In 2000 it took off his freelance activity as a viticultural and oenological consultant working with companies spread throughout the country and research institutes, alternating with teaching assignments as the course helded at the "School of the Vine and Wine" of Montalcino, on topics such as: "The proper management of the fermentation in red: methods and timing", "Technical details of maceration: the hot maceration, the cold maceration, the Flash-detente" and "The micro-oxygenation: theory and practice in relation to oenological objectives". 

In 2001 and 2003, commissioned by the, he teaches at the national course, on "Improving of the quality of the Italian viticulture" and "Vine cultivation techniques for the production of wines of high international quality".  

In 2006 he founded the "GiottoConsulting srl", dynamic and innovative consulting firm that brings together in one project, a group of professionals who identify in his philosophy and in his thoughts, leading the consulting activities also abroad. 

Fundamental the continued research activity and experimentation that led to the creation in 2009 of "GiottoLab", laboratory of chemical analysis of wine, grapes and musts. 

The numerous awards won by the wines of the companies followed and the participation as a speaker at international events, such as the European Natural Wines 2011 held in Zurich, make Federico a well-established and respected winemaker in Italy and abroad, and the perfect collaborator for those who, like him, is seeking the real naturality, not just of the wine, but in all things.